Joe C.

Well Priced, lots of equipment, good and Knowledgeable Staff.

Jimmy H.

Best gym in the area, hands down. They have all of the equipment you could ever need and have created a real fun environment to work out in. The staff is very friendly and helpful.

Patti C.

Great atmosphere for powerlifting, so much equipment and great people and hours!

Mark L.

This is the best gym I have ever gone too. great atmosphere to push yourself. And I cant speak highly enough about the owners.

Don G.

Just moved to the area and wanted to check out some of the local gyms. Walked into “The Gym” and was immediately welcomed by one of the staff members. A real down to earth gym with great equipment and personable staff. Liked it immediately. Was given a free 2 week pass but will be joining for sure!!!

Nicole L.

Let me start by saying, I’ve pretty much always hated going to the gym. And, when I did go, I liked to be the faceless person in the crowd. Then I joined The Gym because my trainer decided we were moving there. I was, of course, hesitant at first — I’ve not had many good experiences being a new person in a gym. But, this place is different. People take the time to get to know you and they notice progress. Jimmy and Amy are always quick with a hello and to ask how you’re doing. I absolutely love the kickboxing and yoga classes — both are small and neither instructor makes you feel weird or embarrassed that you’re not advanced. I actually enjoy going to The Gym now and I say hi to people — I don’t even know who I am anymore!

Anthony B.

I got my membership to “The Gym” this past year to workout with different friends. I was immediately welcomed and surprised by the hospitality. What I like about the gym is they actually care about the person rather than the money. Rather than other big chain gyms saying have a nice workout or not even acknowledging you, the gym takes the time to ask you how you’ve been? What’s new? Cares about you as a person, and that’s what I love about it. Jimmy and Amy always come up and say hi as well as the other employees, and they make everyone feel like part of a family rather than a random in a business. I Highly recommend this gym to everyone.

Tiffany C.

Great staff! Great cross fit classes offered at convenient times!

Ricky M.

I’m a competitive powerlifter and this is a great place to get a good session on when traveling. ER Equipment rack, Elite FTS Bench and rack, Texas power bars and all the plates you need.

The staff are friendly and the members are very helpful.

Robin B.

I just joined this past weekend. I have never been comfortable at a gym. I consider myself a “gym-tard” (sorry, not PC). The staff made me feel at home, Jimmy showed me the ins and outs and helped me find my plan. Amy told me all about upcoming events. I feel better about my health and well being already. This may be the time I can actually take better care of myself. I’m not headed for the magazines or the bodybuilding championships, but I’m on the right path for me. Thanks guys!

Dave M.

This place is home; I knew it the second I walked in and it’s reinforced every day without fail. The people are great, the atmosphere is nothing but encouraging and Jimmy and Amy are the absolute best.
I’m doing things I never thought I’d be capable of and love every single minute I’m there. I cannot recommend The Gym and Tan-Line Studio strongly enough.

Lauren H.

Best gym in town! Such a warm atmosphere and the owners Jimmy and Amy Smith are the friendliest, down to earth people. Great variety of workout classes for all fitness levels. Kickboxing and turbo kick are my favorite. Highly recommend The Gym!!

Michael M.

I never have to wait to use any of their equipment. Most people dont go there for social hour and hold machines up lo like at LA Fitness or any of those other big corporate gyms.
The owners always take time to help me with any questions I have about my workout along with all of the other trainers! It is a family owned business and you can tell! I always recommend this gym to friends and strangers!!